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Scholarships & Grants for Women

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, total enrollment for women in higher education institutions increased by 21 percent during the last decade. There were 2.9 million freshmen who joined post-secondary education for the first time in 2019 and currently women constitute 56% of all enrolled college students. There are a number of great Read More

Two New Scholarships available to your students

A couple new scholarship providers contacted us with Scholarships available to your students. Here are the details: The Rafi Law Firm Golden Gavel Scholarship Deadline: March 15th Eligibility In order to qualify for the Rafi Law Firm Golden Gavel Scholarship, you must: Be a junior or senior in high school who has been admitted to Read More

Two new scholarship opportunities for your students

Steinger, Greene & Feiner Law Scholarship for Child Advocates The law firm of Steinger, Greene & Feiner offers a semi-annual $1,000 scholarship for a child advocate or abuse survivor seeking a law degree. Open to dedicated students who meet either of the following criteria: You have personally worked to protect children’s rights or stop abuse Read More

Grants and Scholarships for Women

Grants for Women has put together a great list of scholarships specifically for women. If you are working with any female students that are looking for additional funding sources for their college education this is a great list of grants and scholarships that they can start with. Here is the complete list: Altrusa International FoundationThe Read More

The Definitive Guide to Scholarships for Students with Disabilities

Intuit has put together a comprehensive guide to Scholarships for you students that have disabilities. College is expensive and when you factor in the additional healthcare costs that students with disabilities have (estimated to average $11,637 per year) any scholarship money they can receive should be very welcome. What Are Scholarships for People with Disabilities?  Read More

To D or not to D: Obstacles and opportunities with digitized scholarships

Many of us still view scholarships as government help, or an odd altruistic act of a celebrity or gigantic corporation. However, with the development of digital technologies and availability of scholarships from around the world, the scholarship landscape seems to be shifting. Plenty of small- and medium-sized businesses are announcing their own scholarships nowadays, which Read More

Scholarship Opportunity for your Students

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, only 59% of students graduate college within 6 years. Scholarships can help your students cover some of the costs of attending College. Course Hero is offering (3) three scholarships. Two (2) monthly scholarships are for $5,000 and their erit based opportunity is for $10,000. Details are below: _______________________________________________________  MERIT Read More

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