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STEM Scholarships Available for Minorities

Pursuing a STEM career can be very expensive for students. Scholarships can really help close the gap on paying for that education. Here is a list of scholarships available specifically for minorities planning to pursue a STEM education: STEM Scholarships for All Minorities The Bluepay Stem Scholarship is a $1,000 scholarship available to students pursuing Read More

Two new scholarships for your students

We have recently been made aware of a couple of new scholarships available for your students. Here are the details on both: Digital Monk is offering your students the opportunity to exercise their writing skills and compete for a $500 scholarship award. They would like to hear your students thoughts on ONE of the following Read More

Scholarship Available to Your Students

The Water Damage Professionals Scholarship Program” is a well-respected water damage restoration company with a commitment to education and community programs. We are a veteran-owned business that helps local homeowners experiencing emergency restoration services caused by water, fire, or significant trauma.  As a former teacher, I am also very dedicated to helping students achieve Read More

Scholarships Available to Your Students is offering a series of scholarships for your students. The deadline for each scholarship is April 1st. Here are the details on each with links: Scholarship for African Americans – $500 Scholarship for Hispanics – $500 CLEP Scholarship for Military Members – $500 Scholarship for Military Spouses – $500 Women in Engineering Scholarship – Read More

New Scholarships Available to your students

A couple of new scholarships have been recently announced that should be of interest to some of your students: Perfecting the Craft Scholarship: The Perfecting The Craft scholarship is an annual $500 scholarship designed to help propel students to become masters of their craft. Red Label is asking students to give them a glimpse of Read More

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