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5 Reasons Why Social Media Must Be Part of the College Planning Process

College-bound high school sophomores and juniors should now be dedicating time to work on optimizing their social media profiles to create compelling content accurately reflecting their activities, service, interests, and accomplishments for the college admissions process. Here are 5 reasons why:   Reason #1: Admissions Officers Are Looking at Applicant Social Media Whether it’s Kaplan Read More

3 Social Media Tips for Your Students

Did you know that teens spend an average of nine hours a day using media outlets. As a Counselor, you can help your students use their social media platforms to better prepare for college. Try these three strategies: Follow Colleges and Universities on Instagram   Through visually appealing Instagram posts, teens can get a flavor Read More

Social Media Use and College Admissions

Instagram. Snapchat. Twitter. Facebook. I’m sure I’m missing several. Most of us use social media to some extent, but teens and young adults are obsessed. In fact, a 2016 study estimated that teens spend an average of nine – yes nine! – hours per day in front of screens. Much of that time is spent Read More

Should your students set up a profile on LinkedIn?

Applying for admission to many American colleges already has high school students jumping through hoops. School transcript? Check. Recommendations? Check. Personal statement? Standardized test scores? List of accomplishments? Check. Check. Check. Now some social media experts are advising high school seniors to go even further. They are coaching students to take control of their online Read More

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