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Summer 2024 Opportunities for Your Students

Now is the time of year when students will start (or should start) investigating opportunities they would like to pursue over the summer. A directory of more than 1,300 opportunities for students has been published online by College Matchpoint. The list includes courses, programs, research options, and service opportunities available this spring and summer, with Read More

How to Stay Productive During the Summer Months

School is out soon… and summer is in (almost)! Summer is not only a convenient time for high schoolers to rest, recharge, and reset, but it’s also the perfect time to get a head start on college prep. Here are five Admit U college counselor-approved activities that high schoolers can incorporate into their summer season Read More

Your students can stand out to admissions officers by doing something different this summer

If you picture yourself in the college admissions officer’s chair, reviewing application after application, you’ll have a better sense of why it matters so much how you spend your time outside of school. What you do in your spare time tells them what you care about, where you’ve chosen to go deeper with experiences or exposure Read More

Are elite college summer programs worth the price?

Many elite colleges offer summer programs that students can attend to get a taste of the college life and explore the campus to see if it might be a good fit. As Sophomores and Juniors your students can attend these if their parents are willing to foot the bill. They are fairly pricey, but many Read More

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