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Transfer Student Tips

10 Key Tips to Transfer Colleges

Transferring colleges can be an exciting yet challenging experience. Many of your students will begin their college careers at one school and then transfer to another school where they will ultimately graduate. Whether they are seeking better academic programs, a change of environment, or new opportunities, it’s important to navigate the transfer process strategically. To Read More

7 Considerations to make when transferring schools

Numerous students transfer to another college and complete their degree program each year. Wanting to be closer to home, changing your major, not seeing the current school as good fit, and financial issues often factor into a transfer decision. Before making a final decision, students should consider the following: Bill at Current School Review your Read More

The Transfer Student Checklist

Many of your students will attend a Junior/Community College after they graduate from high school. Approximately 1 in 3 of these students who attend a two- or four-year college or university will at transfer at some point to another institution. While the idea of transferring can stir fear or doubt, it doesn’t have to be Read More

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