Taking Online College Courses – Tips for Success

Many of your students are planning to attend college this Fall and are reviewing the ongoing coronavirus (COVID -19) news. A large number of Colleges are discussing having their classes online this Fall and those that aren’t will see many of their students consider taking online classes as opposed to in-person due to the threat of the virus. The trend to take some classes online has already become prevalent at many schools, even prior to this latest crisis. As your students transition from high school to college and consider taking online classes, below are some things they should keep in mind.

Class Attendance and Participation. Professors will be able to monitor when they log in and for how long to see if they are engaged in the classroom as a student. Unlike a traditional classroom, they will be required, in many cases, to participate in online classroom discussions. A typical assignment will be to read an article and then to post a response with three questions about it. They will also likely be asked to read posts from their other classmates and provide them with feedback which will be a big part of their grade.

Time Management. They will need to review the course requirements and make sure assignments are turned in on time. Late assignments might not be accepted or points subtracted for doing so. Because class is online, keeping up with reading assignments is important because their grade will be based upon weekly assignments and other projects. They cannot just study for the midterm and final to obtain a good grade. They should use their phone, tablet, laptop or whatever system works for them to remain organized.

Writing Assignments. They will need to plan for enough time to prepare a draft paper and submit it to their campus writing lab or online review system used by their college, such as Smart Thinking. They will need to allow enough time for the writing tutor to provide feedback, then revise the assignment and submit it to their instructor on time. They should also remember that their classmates will be reading some assignments and providing feedback as part of their participation grade.

By following these tips your students can have a successful experience taking online courses.