The 10 worst paying majors 10-years after graduation

We recently posted a blog about the 10 best paying majors 10-years after graduation. Unsurprisingly 9 of the 10 were Engineering related. Here is a link to that post if you missed it:

CNBC has published another analysis showing the 10 worst paying majors. They were:

College majors that pay the least right after college

10 majors with the lowest median salary within five years of graduation

The table shows the top 10 college majors that pay the least within the first five years of graduation.

Theology and religion$36K
Social services$37K
Family and consumer sciences$37K
Leisure and hospitality$38K
Performing arts$39K
Early childhood education$40K
Elementary education$40K
Special education$40K
Miscellaneous education$40K

While money isn’t everything (job satisfaction, etc. are very important) it is important that your students know what they are getting into when they pursue a specific field. Here is the link to the entire article: