The 30 Most Asked Interview Questions

All of your students will be partaking in interviews in the near future so it behooves them to plan ahead and anticipate what questions they may be asked. Here is a list of the 30 most asked interview questions:

1. Can you tell me more about yourself?

2. What do you think your greatest weakness is?

3. What do you feel your greatest strength is?

4. Why are you interested in this role?

5. Where do you see yourself in five years?

6. Why are you looking for a new role?

7. What motivates you on a daily basis?

8. Why are you the best candidate for this role?

9. What three words would your most recent teammates use to describe you?

10. Describe your ideal company culture.

11. What would you do in your first 90 days in this role?

12. Give an example of when you received negative feedback and how you responded.

13. Describe a problem you solved in a creative way.

14. Describe a time when you had to make a decision without time to research.

15. Why are you leaving your current job?

16. Describe a time when you went above and beyond for a customer or client.

17. Why do you want to work remotely?

18. How will you handle or minimize distractions when you work remotely?

19. How do you stay connected to your teammates when you don’t work in the same location?

20. How do you set boundaries between your home life and your work tasks while working remotely?

21. Do you consider yourself a self-starter?

22. What does a typical day look like for you? What is your daily routine when you work remotely?

23. How have you managed to stay productive while working from home?

24. What is your expected salary?

25. Can you talk me through your career gap, the reasons you left the workforce, and how you feel it’s affected you professionally?

26. Can you share a time you had a conflict with a teammate and how you handled it?

27. What skills from your previous industry do you feel translate to this position?

28. Why are you looking to leave your current industry?

29. Describe your ideal work environment.

30. What questions do you have for me?

An exercise might be to ask some of your students how they would answer some of these questions. Here are suggestions on how to answer them from FlexJobs: