The Opportunity of Online Jobs for your Students

It’s been stereotyped that all Gen-Zers do is spend time on their phones. Scrolling through an infinite amount of content, texting wide networks of friends and well, just being social online for hours on end.

Now, it may seem like this intense digital immersion is completely untethered to society and responsibility. How can you hold a job, earn an income and provide financially if you’re typing away on a pixelated screen? Enter: online jobs.

This list of online jobs ranges in skill set, experience, and pay, but all can be done from the comfort of a dorm room couch. Whether it’s freelancing writing or dropshipping, opportunities online are evergreen.

For the romantic type, pursue a career in digital date concierge. Ever been on an awkward date? Well, if you could reverse time, you’d want a date concierge the night before that date. This person plans every detail for an ideal date including booking reservations, coming up with conversation topics and matching compatible people. Check out Tawkify to get started laying the framework for the next great love story!

For diligent note takers, sell your notes. For budding fashion icons, become a personal stylist. For class clowns, consider being strategic and becoming an influencer online. For gym buffs, train people virtually. Point being, the options are endless and there is something for everyone.

The beauty of the Internet is how it connects people. From a business perspective, this means you can market products, skills or services to a wide-range of people across different niches, if done strategically. So, college students can do what they do best– spend time online– and make a pretty penny in the process! 

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