The Ultimate Guide to Passing any Interview with Flying Colors

Before applying for a job it is very important for your students to brush up on their interviewing skills. The interview is typically the final hurdle for any job applicant to overcome.

For many students, this proves to be a stumbling block. Whether they have failed to prepare for the interview, or failed to practice crucial interview questions and answers, they underestimate the importance of creating a great impression.

It doesn’t matter what qualifications your students have, or how experienced they are, if they cannot impress the interviewers then they won’t be getting their dream job. has put together a comprehensive guide your students can use to brush up on on their interviewing skills. Using this resource guide, they can gain a detailed insight into how to answer certain questions, how to behave, body language and more.

Chapters include:

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Formula for Success

Chapter 3: Sample Interview Questions and Responses

Chapter 4: Overcoming Interview Nerves

Chapter 5: The Common Interview Mistakes

Chapter 6: Plan B

Chapter 7: Bonus Section – How to Create an Effective CV

Here is a link to the complete guide: