These are the articles that will be included in the Spring 2021 issue of LINK for Counselors

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Here are the articles scheduled to run in the Spring 2021 issue:

*Interview with Christy Payne Conley – Lead Counselor at North Oconee HS in GA
*Success from the Start: Three Systems that Must Be In Place Before a Student Starts College – By JoBeth Evans Life Coach and former High School Teacher in AR
*Our Greatest Allies in College Planning – By Sonja Montiel founder of College Confidence
*Be Careful Where You Get Tips About the College Essay – By Kim Lifton of WOW Writing Workshop
*Feeling Burned Out?  A Change Would Do You Good!  Professional Development for Counselors – By Dan Geary, Director of College Counseling at Trinity Episcopal School in VA
*‘Please Give Me My Space’ – A School Counselor’s Perspective – By Sweety Patel, Director of School Counseling at Carteret Public Schools in NJ
*“Helpers” on College and University Campuses
*The Realities of the First-Year – By Heather Couch School Counselor at Blanchester Middle School in OH
*Independent Study by Dr. Brittany Maschal
*Counseling, Your job is changing.– Here are some tips that can help! By Jim Paterson, formerly Counselor of the Year in Montgomery County, MD
*Considerations minority students should take in searching for that perfect College fit – By Jim Paterson, formerly Counselor of the Year in Montgomery County, MD
*The New Normal – How COVID-19 impacts learning and what Counselors need to take into account
*To Gap Year or Not?
*Helping Students Visualize their Future through Internships – By Marian G. Carpenter, High School English Teacher in MD
*Technology Transformation: From Avoidance to Advocacy – By Angela Cleveland
*Careers to Consider – Occupational Therapy Assistant
*Careers to Consider – Criminal Justice Careers
*Scholarship Watch

The new issue will be sent out mid-February.