Things Your Class of 2024 Should be Doing Over the Summer

As the end of the school year approaches, many students are already thinking ahead to the next academic year. For high school students, senior year is an important time that requires preparation and planning. Here are some things your students can do over the summer to get ready for their senior year of high school:

  1. Research colleges and universities

If they plan to attend college after graduation, it’s important to start researching potential schools and programs early. Use the summer to explore different college websites and learn about their admission requirements, tuition fees, and scholarship opportunities. They can also attend college fairs and visit campuses to get a feel for the school’s atmosphere and student life.

  1. Work on college application materials

Senior year means college applications, and the summer is a great time to start working on them. Begin by creating a list of schools they plan to apply to and identifying their application deadlines. They can also start drafting their personal statement and preparing their resume or activity list. This will help them stay on track and avoid last-minute stress.

  1. Build their resume

Senior year is a crucial time for college applications, and their resume can make a big difference. Use the summer to build their resume by volunteering, taking on internships, or working part-time jobs. These experiences can demonstrate skills and interests to college admissions committees and potential employers.

  1. Prep for standardized tests

Standardized tests such as the SAT and ACT are important for college admission, so it’s important to prepare early. Consider taking a summer test prep course, hiring a tutor, or using online resources to help their study. Start by taking a practice test to identify areas where they need improvement and create a study plan to help them achieve their goal scores.

  1. Explore their interests

Senior year can be stressful, so take advantage of the summer to explore interests and passions. Join a club, take a class, or attend a workshop in an area that interests them. This can help them develop skills, meet new people, and discover new opportunities.

  1. Get organized

Senior year can be overwhelming with college applications, coursework, and extracurricular activities. Use the summer to get organized by creating a planner or calendar to help them manage their time. They can also create a list of important deadlines and set reminders to ensure they don’t miss anything.

In conclusion, senior year is an important time in a high school student’s life, and the summer is a great opportunity to prepare for it. By researching colleges, working on college application materials, building their resume, prepping for standardized tests, exploring their interests, and getting organized, they can set themselves up for a successful senior year and beyond.