Tips for filing successful college applications

Susan Alaimo of SAT Smart published some great tips for filing successful college applications. Here is a quick summary of those tips:

* She says to recognize what each college is seeking and then focus each application accordingly. Essentially, customize each application rather than have a cookie-cutter approach of sending the same app to each college.

* Academic success in the form of an impressive GPA and high SAT scores are most important qualities. Above average scores should be highlighted.

* College admissions officers notice what a students can contribute to their community. Highlight depth of involvement rather than breadth. Your students should focus on the areas where they excel in their application. Colleges are not in the market for well-rounded people, but rather for those with an impressive record of accomplishment in a specific field.

* Colleges look to the longer essay, and to shorter supplemental questions, to envision the personality of each applicant. The essay is the main opportunity for an applicant to share his/her life story – sharing human qualities that are not otherwise apparent in the application. The supplemental questions should likewise be personalized.

* Demonstrated interest in a particular college should be shown in the application. Specifics about that college are most appealing. The student should avoid writing about the beautifully manicured lawns or the fact that friends are attending – theses attributes could be applied to almost any college. Instead share detailed information about a particular major, specific internship opportunity or unusual study abroad prospect that differentiates the college. Realize that college admissions officers, when deciding whom to admit, are considering which students, if admitted, are likely to attend!

Some great tips! Here is a link to the sourced article – Tips for filing successful college applications