Tips for those students that want to start their own business after college

Do any of your students plan to start their own business after college? Do they dream of being their own boss? After college I worked for a company for 12 years and then decided to go out on my own. 17 years later and I wouldn’t change a thing. The Community for Accredited Online Schools has put together a guide that can answer some of your students questions about starting their own business after college (or even high school if they decide to go that route like Bill Gates and others). It is called From Student to Entrepreneur: A Guide to Starting Your Own Business Right after College.

To summarize what it is included:

  • It reviews the types of businesses available
  • It discusses choosing the right business structure (my first few years I was a sole proprietorship and then I converted to a C Corporation after several years.). There are advantages and disadvantages to each type of structure.
  • Then it discusses each step of launching a business right after college (creating a business plan, doing proper due diligence, understanding the target audience, securing financial backing and building out your team).
  • Starting a non-employer business right after college: Discusses steps that need to be taken, legal matters, financing, focusing on clients and setting realistic monthly income goals.
  • What do do while in school to be better prepared to launch the business after graduation.
  • A summary of the benefits and realities of starting a business right after college
  • Advice from a new grad turned Entrepreneuer
  • Resources available for new Entrepreneurs

This is some great info to share with those students that are considering being their own boss after college