Tips for your students when they are ready to launch their careers after college

It may seem like it’s a lifetime away for your students to begin their work careers but those four years of school go by very fast.

The Center for School, College, and Career Resources has shared a resource at the Community for Accredited Online Schools has created a guide that highlights possible career paths while also providing resources to help students learn what it takes to nail an interview and graduate with a job offer.

Information included is:

  • Five steps to graduate with a job offer : Get the grades, gain experience through internships, build professional and academic relationships, research potential career paths and manage social media profiles
  • Career paths in business: Review of various careers with salary range and percentage growth
  • Resume checklist: Overview of key information that should be included on the resume
  • Advice for the interview: Tips on what to do before and during the interview
  • Q&A with an Entrepreneur: Some nice questions/answers that can help them
  • Business Career Resources:  List of resources with links

Here is a link to the full guide: