Tips to help combat teen drinking

With Spring Break right around the corner many parents are understandably concerned about their children possibly indulging in alcohol while out on break. Many parents are not sure how to broach the subject of teen drinking with their children.

Tallahassee ‘s ABC affiliate, WTXL, recently interviewed Family Therapist, Jane Marks, and she shared some tips on how to get the conversation started:

  1. Underage drinking can have very bad consequences including:  higher absence rates, failing grades, social interpersonal problems, lack of participation in school activities, legal issues, physical problems (fatigue/illness), and unwanted or unprotected sexual activity.
  2. One in every five teen accidents involved in fatal car crashes were alcohol related. More than 80% had blood alcohol levels above the legal limits for adults. Drinking and driving can have very bad results and teens should continually be told about the consequences that can result from drinking and driving.
  3. Teens are at risk for binge drinking. Binge drinking can result in death, blackouts, major hangovers and other bad behavior caused by the alcohol use.
  4. Parents should set limits in warm and supportive environments which tend to reduce the risk of underage and binge drinking.

Here is a link to the full interview: