Tips to help your students and their families save on College Tours

Chances are that many of your students will be taking tours of colleges this summer. The costs of these tours can add up but there are some tips they and their families can use to cut down on the cost.

1. Explore group tours offered by operators or independent counselors: There are a number of companies that offer tours during the summer of multiple campuses. One example is (College Visits. Many independent counselors are also now offering tours of schools in their regions. One example is Brand College Consulting. There are many companies that can be found with a little research. Taking a pre planned tour can help your student visit multiple campuses in a short amount of time at a very effective cost. They also get the benefit of meeting other students that are considering the same or similar schools.

2. Ask about subsidies: Many colleges will offer free lodging in the dorms and meals in the cafeteria to students that demonstrate financial need. One company that tracks available programs available to help defray the costs of College visits is College Greenlight. They maintain a list of schools that offer special programs.

3. Check with the college about lodging and restaurant deals they may know about: Many hotels will offer prospective students and their families special rates during slower periods (mid-week/during the summer). Check with the schools tour office and ask if there are any such programs available if you are driving in with your parents.

4. Ask about scholarship/grant programs: While you are there don’t forget to ask about any special grant/scholarship programs that are available if they attend the school. There are many scholarships and grants available and many aren’t widely advertised.