Top 30 Companies in the Tech Field that Let Their Employees Work Remotely

Many of your students want to work for a tech company once they graduate college due to the high pay, great benefits, and culture. Many of these tech companies also let their employees work remotely which appeals to this generation. Which companies are hiring remote workers? Here is a list compiled by FlexJobs of the top 30 companies hiring remote workers:

  1. Veeva
  2. Token Metrics
  3. Pinterest
  4. Reddit
  5. SMX Tech
  6. Samsara
  7. UnitedHealth Group
  8. Kelly
  9. ManTech
  10. Gorilla Logic
  11. Databricks
  12. Circle Internet Financial
  13. CrowdStrike
  14. GuidePoint Security
  15. Percona
  16. GitLab
  17. Alight Solutions
  18. NTT Group
  19. Abarca Health
  20. Insight Global
  21. Elastic
  22. Chainlink Labs
  23. Danaher
  24. Optiv
  25. Motive – Fleet Management Software
  26. Motion Recruitment
  27. PointClickCare
  28. DataCamp
  29. Flock Safety
  30. Invisible Technologies

Here are the top 10 Remote Work Titles in Tech:

  1. Software Engineer
  2. Product Manager
  3. Engineering Manager
  4. DevOps Engineer
  5. Cloud Scrum Master
  6. Data Scientist
  7. Site Reliability Engineer
  8. Machine Learning Engineer
  9. Solutions Architect
  10. Data Analyst

Feel free to share this with your students considering a career in the technology field who would like to work from their homes after graduation.