The Top 5 Reasons to Get an Engineering Degree

The outlook for the engineering field has never looked brighter. With the advent of new technologies, like 3D printing and nanotechnology, the job market is growing and new fields continue to be added to the mix. Students pursuing a degree in engineering can expect to study in a hands-on environment and focus on STEM – science, technology, engineering and mathematics – related studies. See the top five reasons to get an engineering degree below.

1. Income Potential
Many engineering degrees show excellent earning potential. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports the median salary for an engineer is $81,490 per year. That’s an average earning of $39.18 per hour! Work experience plus a bachelor’s degree in the engineering field can eventually bring engineers salaries in excess of $100,000.

2. Job Demand
The engineering field is one of the most in-demand job markets. According to ManpowerGroup, engineering is the second most challenging job to fill, in part because of a lack of qualified workers. The baby boomer generation is going into retirement and leaving behind engineering jobs that need to be replaced. This aging population is making way for younger, qualified engineers to join the workforce. Industrial engineers are at the top of the list of those going into retirement, followed by electric engineers and electronics engineers. For students, a career in engineering will offer a bright and stable future.

3. Job Roles
The field of engineering is expansive. While there are four main engineering branches (chemical, mechanical, civil and electrical), these branches have spawned more than 40 new niche engineering concentrations as a result of new systems, machines, discoveries, etc. As a result, students currently pursuing an engineering degree will have the opportunity to work in an array of industries and facilities. Given the number of opportunities available today, these students will have the freedom to choose an engineering career path that aligns the most with their interests.

4. Job Satisfaction
Engineers have one of the highest job satisfaction reports in any job market. Job satisfaction is graded on career stability, compensation and nature of the work. In fact, EE Times reports that 83 percent of engineers would even recommend the profession to their children. The job security for engineers comes from the fact engineers have a variety of different industries to work in, including health care, government, construction and transportation.

5. Engineers Take Pride in their Work
Engineers are tasked with the job of developing new solutions to old problems. This challenge not only encourages innovation, but creativity as well. Engineers produce work they can be proud of, whether it’s building a bridge, creating 3D printing for an electronic component or designing a skyscraper. The engineering field is constantly evolving; students studying in the field will continuously learn new technologies. For example, students pursuing an industrial engineering degree can expect to be immersed in new trends like lean manufacturing. Lean manufacturing, the principle of eliminating the most waste possible during manufacturing, has global impact. That’s something to take pride in.

Engineering promises a rewarding career, a lucrative salary and high job satisfaction. Students seeking a job in the engineering field can expect a career that is in demand and quickly evolving.

Lauren Willison
As the Director of Admissions at Florida Polytechnic University, Lauren Willison is responsible for supporting the Vice Provost of Enrollment in managing recruitment efforts. She develops and coordinates on- and off-campus events, as well as manages the campus visit experience.