Top Ways to Engage Parents of High School Seniors

Many parents work and have busy schedules so they are unable to attend parents night events or schedule a conference with you during the day. Here are some tips on how to get them engaged:

1. Offer meetings and information sessions at different times throughout the year when parents are more apt to be available. Examples include:

* Have a Senior/Parent Breakfast
* Have one night per month for parent late night appointments
* Conduct and online conference or teleconference

2. Utilize as many modes of communication as possible:

* Create a blog to get out information to parents and students
* Design a comprehensive website for students and parents
* Send out text message reminders for parents and students

3. Use technology and useful tools:

* Creating invitations for parents & students
* Creating handouts for parents (feel free to use our College Night Handouts)
* Making appointments for parents
* Produce your own online presentations

This information was summarized from a great blog post which is linked here and has some great examples of each item mentioned: Reconnecting Disconnected Senior Parents