Tuition and Fees at more than 3,000 Public & Private Colleges

The Chronicle of Higher Education has updated it’s annual tables of Tuition and Fees at more than 3,000 Public and Private Colleges and Universities. Using data compiled by the College Board in their annual survey of Colleges, they provide information on each school’s tuition (in-state or out-of-state) and room & board.

Searches can be done by State and by Type of College (All four-year, Public four-year, Private four-year, for-profit four-year, all two-year colleges & public two-year colleges. They also have historical data going back to 1998-1999 so you can see how fast tuition has increased from then to current.

This can be very helpful to your students and their parents as they begin researching college costs. They should also keep in mind that these charts show “sticker prices” and any grants, scholarships, etc. should be taken into account when comparing college costs.

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