University Interview Guide

There are a number of prestigious Colleges that still require an interview before granting admission. Sometimes the interview will take place on the College campus and oftentimes in a major city on an appointed date for respective student applicants from that area.

Many of your students tend to panic when they find out this is a requirement. We have found a nice resource guide that provides students with some key tips that can help them ace the interview.

Some of the areas covered include:

  • The most common questions asked during the interview (and tips on how to best answer them). Some of these include: Why do you want to attend this university?, Why do you want to study this subject?, What achievement are you most proud of?, and Why should we offer you a spot?
  • Tips on how to present oneself to make a good impression (these include being assertive (but not overbearing), using strong and confident body language, and the type of clothes to wear (and not wear)
  • How to prepare for the interview (these include re-reading the application, practicing with friends or family, and researching past interviews)
  • Showing an interest is what is said. One of the best ways to do this is to ask the interviewer questions as well. They provide some examples of good ones to ask.

Here is a link to the guide you can share with your students: