Up to $20 million offered to low income students in new Pell Grant Program

High school students taking college classes soon will be able to pay for them using federal funding through an experiment the Obama administration announced late last week.

Beginning next fall, up to 10,000 students in dual-enrollment programs will receive Pell grants, a form of federal financial aid that covers tuition, books and fees for needy college students. Here is a nice website that discusses Pell Grant Eligibility – Pell Grant Elibibilty

Dual-enrollment courses have grown in popularity. They offer students a chance to save money, earn credits toward a degree and get a taste of the college experience.

Most high schools now offer some type of dual-enrollment program yet minority and low-income students tend to be underrepresented in these programs. This program should be an incentive for schools to continue to offer these programs. If any of your students are taking dual-enrollment courses and qualify this is something that should be discussed with those students and their families.