Using PowerSchool? Here are some useful search shortcuts!

Tiffany T. Grimes a Counselor at Alamgordo Public Schools recently shared a document on FB in the HS Counselors Group that has some great shortcuts for those using PowerSchool. They include trying to find:

  • Students with no schedule
  • Students with only a Homeroom Assignment
  • Birthdays in a specific month
  • All students in a specific grade
  • Last names with a Jr
  • All students who entered school in a specific month
  • Active students in a specific month
  • Students who left in a specific month
  • All students who live on a specific street
  • All students whose Mothers name of Fathers name is……
  • All students whose Emergency Contact contains….
  • All Pre-Registered students

These are some great shortcuts. Here is a link to the PDF –