Video- Mental Illness: Asking for Help

This video can be shared with students to help them see past the surface. Keith Deltano uses comedy to help students really think about mental health, their appearance, bullying and other issues they deal with on a daily basis in a fun way. Check his video out here:

00:00 I Don’t Want to be “Drugged” or “Locked Up”

01:19 I’m OCD and Bi Polar

02:35 You Will Get a Team

03:20 What is Therapy?

04:18 You Are Not Weak!

06:19 You Will Still Be You

08:20 Form Your Team and Fight!

National Suicide Prevention Hotline – 1-800-273-8255

Keith Deltano has served and worked with youth and families as a public school teacher, academic coach, parent coach, and international touring educational comedian. He is the winner of the Teacher Excellence Award for his work with at risk youth and the creator of the SEL video curriculum,