Wait, How Do I Write This Email!?

Email Etiquette and Tips

What is “Etiquette”?

The customary code of polite behavior in social and professional settings

Here are 5 basic rules you should try to adhere to:

Rule #1: Always include a subject and include the recipient’s name in the greeting

Rule #2: Do not write in ALL CAPITALS! Writing in all capitals may convey that you are shouting in your message; and nobody likes to be yelled at! Consider other ways to get your message across and communicate its importance. Using all capitals is not appropriate and can trigger an unintended response.

Rule #3: Be mindful when using abbreviations and emoticons. Save abbreviations like LOL and IDK for text messages with friends. Some may not understand your abbreviations and they are not professional.

Rule #4: Think, review, and proofread before you send! Ask yourself “is this okay to send?” and “did I reread and review this?”

Rule #5: Do not send if…
● The information could hurt/offend/embarrass someone
● The email can be interpreted in a bad way
● The information is not important to share in school or the workplace
● The email could get you in trouble

Here are some general Do’s vs Don’ts:


•Be clear and concise
•Include your name and the course name each time you email the teacher
•Use professional language
•Remember that there will be a permanent written record of your words
once you click send
•Use a salutation “Thank you for your time!”


•Use keywords which trigger mail to collect as junk mail or spam mail filter
•Use informal abbreviations or shorthand common to text-messaging:
•gr8 2day LOL OMG TTYL!!!!!!!!!!

These tips are courtesy of Deanna Coyne, School Counselor with Grand Rapids Public Schools and Brittany Mellandorf, School Counselor with Insight School of Michigan