What are some good school counselor interview questions to prepare for?

This question was posted on Facebook by a Counselor (Jill Brichacek) and I thought this would be a good post as many Counselors are beginning to think about their 2023/2024 school year plans. There were some great questions posted in the discussion so here are a few that could help you if you are going to be interviewing for another position down the road:

  • A student comes to you complaining about a teacher, how do you deal with this? Would you involve the teacher? When would you involve admin? (Posted by Sara Evazynajad)
  • Always be ready to answer the “a student admits to contemplating suicide, what do you do?” prompt (Posted by Mason Martin)
  • Describe a time where you worked with an admin/teacher/student and it worked well? Name a time where it didn’t work well and what you would you change? How would you support a special population student (foster, unhoused, probation, etc.) (Posted by Rebecca Laurin)
  • Tell us something about you that isn’t on your resume (Posted by Tara Christine)
  • How does a comprehensive school counseling program support the overall academic mission of the school? How would you use data in your program? (Posted by Del Cam)
  • What is a situation you handled once that you would handle differently today? What are the circumstances in which you would need to break confidentiality? Who would you help to implement/ grow a comprehensive school counseling program? (Posted by Kelsey Lawson Todt)
  • Tell us a story about restorative justice practices and how you would implement a PBIS practice? (Posted by RJ Smith)
  • How do you handle conflict with another staff member? How do you schedule to prioritize and schedule your day? How do you plan to form relationships with your students? (Posted by Alecia Nezat-Pyne)
  • What should the relationship between counselor and admin look like? (Posted by Clara Hochstetter)

ASCA also has some questions on their website (www.schoolcounselor.org)