What if instead of taking the SAT or ACT test your students could play an interactive video game?

If it’s up to one company it could happen! A newly published piece by Bloomberg Business News about Rebecca Kantar, explains how the paradigm shift away from the traditional screening methods of candidates using outdated multiple-choice standardized tests, to a revolutionary and much more comprehensive game-based simulation testing scenario which more accurately assesses one’s critical-thinking ability is vitally important.

Kantar is the founder of Imbellus Inc., a startup in Los Angeles that aims to reinvent testing and, in the process, challenge the received wisdom about what students are expected to learn. The digital assessments Imbellus has developed resemble video games. Placing users in a simulated natural environment, they present test takers with a series of tasks, all the while capturing the decision-making process used to complete them. And because each simulation delivers a unique user experience, they’re intended to be cheatproof.

“The nature of human intelligence required in even the most elite jobs is very different than what it was 30 years ago. If you look at any job across the spectrum, whether it’s a blue-collar job or a white-collar job, the thinking skills involved are getting harder, not easier,”

Here is a link to the article : https://www.bloomberg.com/news/features/2019-03-19/a-harvard-dropout-s-plan-to-fix-college-admissions-with-video-games