Where can those students looking for a trade school or other career options find information if they are not interested in attending a traditional 4-year College?

Today I saw a post on Social Media from a High School Counselor that was looking for information for one of her students that didn’t want to attend a traditional college. She was frustrated because she was having trouble finding sources of information on trade schools and other options. Fortunately another Counselor responded with a good source, My Next Move.

This caught my attention as I have also had this question before and didn’t have a good resource. I checked it out and it is a legitimate (non-profit) website sponsored by the U.S. Department of Labor.

There are several ways to search the site for options:

  1. Search careers with key words – They offer a simple interface where you can type in specific key words to pull up career options related to that field. Each career then has a video with details about it and education options.
  2. There is also a search engine by industry (with a drop down menu) which makes it easy for students to check out different fields and options
  3. Lastly they have a quick Q&A test that will pull up specific career options based on the answers your students provide.

Check them out if you have students interested in pursuing non-traditional career paths which don’t entail going to a four-year school right after high school. Also if you have any other sites you use send them our way as well and we will add them to this post.