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High School Counselor Resources

The mission of LINK for Counselors is to provide information that keeps High School and Transfer Counselors informed. Everything we provide to you is free, at no-cost to you or your school.

Resources LINK for Counselors Provides Include:

  • A blog of content from our award winning magazine and other sources that we think might be of interest to you
  • College Profiles from Colleges and Universities that want to reach your students
  • College Night Handouts that you can download free to use in your resource center or to hand out at College Fairs
  • The most recent digital edition of LINK for Counselors
  • Easy registration to sign up for the magazine or our bi-weekly e-newsletter

We appreciate all that you do for students and please feel free to contact us anytime.

Recent Blog Articles

11 things your students won’t learn in school from a speech given by Bill Gates

Source: Summary of Bill Gates speech

There are many things that come across my desk/e-mail each day. Most are quickly glanced over and a lot of the e-mails quickly deleted. Today I received an e-mail that summarized a recent speech that Bill Gates gave at a high school.  In the speech he summarized 11 rules that students won’t learn in school, Read More

College Preparation Guide available to your students and their parents

Source: National Council for Open Education

The National Council for Open Education has published an online College Preparation Guide that can be used free by your students and their parents. Chapters include: College Prep for Students Includes a checklist of things students should be doing during their senior year. Shown by Summer, Fall, and then month (September – May) in an Read More

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