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High School Counselor Resources

The mission of LINK for Counselors is to provide information that keeps High School and Transfer Counselors informed. Everything we provide to you is free, at no-cost to you or your school.

Resources LINK for Counselors Provides Include:

  • A blog of content from our award winning magazine and other sources that we think might be of interest to you
  • College Profiles from Colleges and Universities that want to reach your students
  • College Night Handouts that you can download free to use in your resource center or to hand out at College Fairs
  • The most recent digital edition of LINK for Counselors
  • Easy registration to sign up for the magazine or our bi-weekly e-newsletter

We appreciate all that you do for students and please feel free to contact us anytime.

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High School class collects more than $80 million in scholarship offers

Source: Good Morning America (GMA)

A High School Senior class in Memphis, Tennessee at Whitehaven High School collected more than $80 million in scholarship offers this year. They had 40 students that received scholarship offers of more than $1 million dollars. How did they do it? Labeled as the “Million Dollar Tigers” for their success, Whitehaven students have taken to Read More

10 Great websites for Counselors


I recently came across a website (  that had a selection of great websites for Counselors. They had sections for Grief and Anxiety Counseling, Art & Music Therapy, Addiction Counseling, Christian Counseling, Relationship Counseling, General and School and Children’s Counseling. i checked out the sites they summarized in the School Counseling section and these are Read More

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