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Author: Jason Bullock

A Senior Fall To-Do List

The to-do list for high school seniors seems to be growing longer each day. When they’re not doing homework, participating in their extracurricular activities, hanging with friends, sleeping, eating or texting, here’s what they’re thinking about: their college list, testing; upcoming campus visits; college applications; the Common Application essay, supplemental essays; transcripts; an activity list; Read More

Counselor Recommendation Packet

Having to write recommendation letters for your students? Here is a quick form that a Counselor (Courtney Jaeger) developed to use in Naviance for a Counselor Recommendation Questionnaire that Students and Parents can fill out: *Please type answers to at least 3 questions.  Please use a separate sheet of paper to write your answers. Student Read More

5 Things for your Students to Do After They Have Applied to College

Hitting “submit” for that final college application produces myriad feelings: a deep sense of relief that the process is done coupled with the anxiety of knowing that you now must wait for college decisions. Perhaps you’re simply exhausted and ready to catch up on your favorite Netflix series and spend Saturdays doing something other than Read More

The Best Ways to Manage Money as a College Student

Most college students are financially limited and adult life is starting to become their new norm. You just graduated high school, not yet working on your dream career, and still learning who you want to become.  As you build your adult life, good finances will be a common denominator in how far you go. Use Read More

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