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Author: Jason Bullock

How to help your students research colleges

Deciding to attend college is one of the biggest decisions one will make in one’s lifetime. Some may wish to obtain certifications in other fields as a career path versus attending junior college, four-year colleges or universities, but the final decision will affect one’s life forever. Hence, it is a decision that is not to Read More

[SAMPLE] Counseling Annual Timeline

Here is a very nice Counseling timeline by month that a Counselor (Kay Lee) shared with members of the High School Counselor group on FB. She agreed to share it here and hopefully this is beneficial in helping you as you begin the 2022/2023 school year. August Review and complete schedules: fill holes, manage student Read More

How student loan counseling can help your students

Student loan entrance counseling aids students as they go forward toward financing their college education for the first time. Some loans like Federal Student Loans require student loan counseling, whereas private loans do not. These sessions help students learn the basics about borrowing money. Some schools require in-person counseling with a student loan counselor, but Read More

Forward Thinking Digital Careers for High School Students to Consider

For high school students, starting to think seriously about careers can be a little intimidating. However, by being exposed to interesting, novel, and forward-thinking careers, this process can become more accessible and enjoyable. In particular, digital careers can be enticing options for students who have grown up in a largely digital age. Having an understanding Read More

Exploring college living options with your students

How to select campus housing may come up in one of your discussions with your students.  It would seem that there are only two choices of where to live during college life, and the final decision should be an easy one, right? Actually, there are several things to consider you’re your students are making this Read More

Avoiding the Dreaded Reply All

● Think of who you want to reply to – just the author, the author & a few other people, or EVERYONE● Does EVERYONE need to read what you have to say?● These tips & tricks will make your life easier, everyone else’s life easier, and will make you loved by all

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