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Author: Jason Bullock

Is our education system supporting our genii of the future?

When we look at people throughout history who have made incredible contributions to society, it’s easy to assume they were all top of their class and graduated college with the highest degree. In-fact Albert Einstein was told by his teacher at school that he would ‘never amount to anything.’ It was his fascination and unique Read More

Yahoo Finance Interview with: Richard Cordray, Federal Student Aid COO

Do your students have any questions about financial aid/student loans? Here is an interview conducted by Yahoo Finance’s Aarthi Swaminathan with Federal Student Aid Chief Operating Officer Richard Cordray to discuss student loan debt, tuition inflation, and the student loan payment pause. Here is the link to the video:

Why Content (Not Structure) Must Always Come First in Any College Essay

Before we begin guiding professionals through our ten-step process in the College Essay Experience program, we ask them to name three challenges their students face when they write essays. Many participants mention structure: After years of writing in five-paragraph essay format, writing in a more freeform narrative style can be daunting. How do I communicate Read More

Webinar: Summer Support – Guide Students Through Financial Aid Steps

This webinar shares best practices for supporting students through summer college affordability activities, like paying the fall bill and planning for indirect expenses. You’ll be able to: Describe the financial aid tasks students must complete over the summer to successfully matriculate Help students understand the college bill, identify payment options, and prepare for indirect expenses  Read More

Guide to Combat College Decision Fatigue

Finding the right college can be very stressful for High School Seniors. With help and advice from mental health experts, a guide was developed that covers what decision fatigue is, its causes and symptoms, as well as 7 exercises and tips students can implement to make the admission process less stressful. There is also included Read More

Phi Theta Kappa Transfer Honor Roll

Phi Theta Kappa annually looks at all four-year colleges to see which ones welcome transfer students and publishes a list of schools that provide great pathways for students to transfer. The Transfer Honor Roll Program identifies colleges and universities that understand the unique needs of community college transfer students and applauds the dynamic pathways these Read More

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