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Author: Jason Bullock

Cabin Fever: Camp-In – Opportunity for your students to experience the joys of camping virtually and to learn about STEAM careers

Gateway to the Great Outdoors (GGO) is hosting a livestreamed real-time global camping event on October 24! “Cabin Fever: The Great GGO Camp-In” kicks off at 3:00pm. And continues through 9:30 with a live concert from the rock band The Disestablishment. Registration is free, and all are welcome to participate! This virtual event will allow Read More

Steps Your Students Can Use to Pick a Major

Choosing a major is the complex process that involves considering not only personal preferences and already obtained skills but also financial and career expectations along with the major’s relevance in a long-term perspective. While it may appear to be a tough decision accompanied by the fear of making the wrong choice, every student must realize Read More

What Do You Do if a Student Misses a College App Deadline?

Are your students forgetting things? Missing deadlines? That’s not uncommon. We see this every year. On the college essay. And we can’t blame COVID. Kids are kids. They need reminders during normal times, too. To address this issue, we give our students a schedule before we start working together. It helps keep them on track, so they don’t Read More

Jobs of the future – 10 fastest growing occupations your students should know about

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) recently updated its list of the 10 fastest growing careers. BLS’ top-10 list of fastest-growing American occupations between 2019 and 2029 is comprised of six health care-related jobs and three tech/green energy-related jobs, though projections do not include the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, BLS said. The top 10 jobs are: Read More

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