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Author: Jason Bullock

Let’s Talk About the New Common App Prompt?

What do you think about the new prompt on the Common App? Reflect on something that someone has done for you that has made you happy or thankful in a surprising way. How has this gratitude affected or motivated you? We’ve been getting lots of inquiries about the new prompt – and having great conversations. Read More

LINK for Counselors 2021/2022 media kit was just released

LINK for Counselors is distributed free to Counselors. We never charge you for any of our content. This is made possible by our advertisers who invest in their advertising to let you know about their school or specific product that may be of interest to you. It has worked for many of them who tell Read More

Financial Aid Award Letters – 8 Things to Consider

1. Expected Family Contribution (EFC) After successfully completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), you will be provided a Student Aid Report (SAR). On the SAR is a number called the Expected Family Contribution (EFC).  The EFC is the number that determines your eligibility for Federal Student Aid (FSA) from your FAFSA results Read More

Anxiety Self-Assessment Test

Directions: Read each statement and circle the answer that best applies to you; leave blank any questions you do not want to answer.    Never Sometimes Often Almost Always 1. I worry excessively about the future or bad things happening (for example, earthquakes, a loved one getting hurt or sick, failing a test). 0 1 Read More

Example of a Parent Welcome Letter

Do you have a letter template written to send to parents this Fall? The Counselors at Normal Community High School have created a template that they use that you may be able to craft for your needs. They shared their letter in the High School Counselors Group on FB. Here is the template: Dear Parents, Read More

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