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Author: Jason Bullock

5 Unique Careers to Inspire Your Students

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” is a question everyone hears at one point in their lives. Choosing a job, much less a career, can be a daunting task and most of us end up in a job out of necessity rather than an affinity for that job. What if you Read More

Articles Scheduled for the Fall 2019 issue of LINK for Counselors

We have some great content lined up for the Fall issue of LINK for Counselors. Here is a sneak peek: Careers to Consider: Chemical Engineering & Biomolecular Engineering – by Suzanne Shelley, Contributing Editor Chemical Engineering MagazineCareers to Consider: Kinesiology College Fairs are No Longer Just for Students – by Candice Mackey, College Counselor at Read More

School Counselors Prepare Students for 21st Century Computational Thinking Skills

Counselors are at the forefront of opening doors to opportunities for all students.  Counselors are at the forefront of opening doors to opportunities for all students. They collaborate “with stakeholders such as parents and guardians, teachers, administrators and community leaders to create learning environments that promote educational equity and success for every student” (ASCA School Read More

Bullying: Learn how it happens, the different types, where it happens and how to respond

Bullying has become a national epidemic and is happening daily to your students in schools, online and at home. Verywellfamily has put together a nice collection of resources on bullying. Here are some direct links to the articles/resources they have put together: How many people are actually being cyberbullied? When to use a bullying hotline Read More

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