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Author: Jason Bullock

Seniors Coping with the Covid Quarantine

There is no doubt that this is the saddest senior class of all time, and rightfully so. They have missed out on opportunities they have waited for for 13 years. When I talk to high school seniors they talk about how they feel robbed of experiences and opportunities. Many of them are sad and depressed. Read More

Test Optional – What Does It Really Mean?

Test-optional may sound enticing to some students – but skipping the ACT or SAT is not the easy out from testing that it may appear to be; there are serious ramifications. With the knowledge that we have about the implications of new college admissions policies, we must guide students so that they make appropriate decisions Read More

The effect of coronavirus outbreak over student loans

The current COVID-19 virus outbreak may create a temporary financial problem for federal student loan borrowers. Borrowers who make payments hourly, or are unable to telework may face such a challenge sooner than other borrowers. The damage caused by the coronavirus outbreak is making our lives vulnerable to financial issues. So it’s important to be Read More

Recommendations For College – Six Tips You Can Give Your Students to Help Them Get Great Letters from Their Teachers

One of the most important elements of the college application is the recommendation of a teacher. College admissions offices take these letters very seriously, and it is critical that your students do their best to secure the best letters of recommendation possible. The most important step in requesting letters of recommendation is that your students Read More

What Does “Test Optional” Mean Anyway?

COVID-19 has wreaked havoc on the college admissions calendar. High school juniors would normally be taking the SAT or ACT this spring and, if not satisfied with their scores, retaking the tests during the summer or fall of their senior year. However, the SAT and ACT were canceled this spring and it is not clear Read More

COVID-19 Announcements from Colleges

We appreciate all that you do for students. Please support the following schools (our advertisers) as they are here to help your students. Below are links that provide information on what they are doing to support students during the COVID-19 crisis, current schedules and any specific updates for their campuses.  Baylor Institute for Air Science Read More

Covid-Era College Prep

Normally, there are many ways for high school students to bolster their resumes and prepare for college application season: playing team sports, being active in school clubs, working in after-school jobs or summer internships, attending college fairs and touring campuses, to name a few. During the current pandemic, however, most of these traditional opportunities have Read More

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