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How to Manage Anxious Parents?

A couple of years ago, a friend took his son, a talented member of his school’s rowing team, on a tour of elite East Coast colleges and universities. When he returned home, he was excited to tell me what he heard from MIT’s admissions team about college essays. TheMIT rep said that beyond grades and Read More

Five Things We Learned from the Class of 2022!

Congratulations! We all made it through another college application essay season. As you begin to prepare the Class of 2023 for the application process, it’s natural to reflect back on the college essay season we’ve just finished. Last year was filled with big challenges. Students faced uncertainty over school schedules and the continuous threat of Read More

What’s the Best Way to Structure a College Essay?

Recently, I had a conversation with a counselor who wondered how he might help students select the right structure for their college essays. The counselor asked me which of these approaches I prefer for college essay coaching: Selecting multiple scenes to illustrate your most important values. Starting the essay with a hook. Outlining the beginning, Read More

A Simple Schedule Can Improve Your College Essay Coaching Process

You might already know that college essay schedules are one of my favorite topics.  Boring, right?  Nope. Not at all.  I’m not just talking about deadlines and due dates. I’m talking strategy. And if you know anything about me, you know I love strategy. When’s the last time you mapped out your college essay process and determined Read More

Are You an Editor or a College Essay Coach?

About a month before the first big college application deadline, I spent a good deal of time on the phone, sending emails and responding to parent requests to review drafts of college essays students had already written. They wanted someone to look the essays over, edit them, send the students on their merry way. That’s pretty typical Read More

How to Help Your Students Get to the Finish Line

By now, many of your students have probably written multiple drafts of at least one application essay. But how do you get to the finish line with minimal stress? Step away from that proverbial red pen.   At Wow, we don’t edit. Rather, we review. We respond to first drafts with detailed questions, not marked-up Read More

How to help your students ace the Why College X essay

We’ve given you a lot of resources tips about writing personal statements over the years. Before the school year ends, we’d like to leave you with some sound advice to help you guide your students on the one supplement that poses challenges for all sorts of students. I am talking about the Why College X, Read More

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