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How to Help Students Respond to Any Essay Prompt

Many schools ask a variation on the question, “Why us?” This prompt can be one of the most challenging for students (and for counselors trying to help them). The questions often look like these, from current and past years’ applications: Northwestern University: What are the unique qualities of Northwestern — and of the specific undergraduate Read More

Colleges continue to struggle to fill classes

Around 450 U.S. colleges still have spots to fill in their incoming class past the traditional May 1 admissions decision deadline, according to data compiled annually by the National Association of College Admission Counseling (NACAC). That marks a continued increase over previous years in the number of colleges listed by NACAC as of May 1. The Read More

Tips to Help Your Students Land a Summer Internship

It’s not too late to find a summer internship, but it will take strategy and hard work. A successful candidate uses every tool to find one of the many great internships that are there for the taking. Coincidentally, the skills and motivation that will help you land a great internship will be the same tools needed to Read More

23 SAT Tips and Tricks Your Students Can Use

Overall SAT Study Tips Tip 1: Eliminate 3 Wrong Answers The most important rule to remember for the SAT is that there is only one correct answer for each question, and you should be able to eliminate all the others. This means that your number one strategy on the test is process of elimination. If Read More

15 Graduation Gifts for High School Seniors

Gifts for grads When they toss their hats into the air, high school graduates begin the transition to postgrad life. Whether the student is college-bound, taking a gap year or jumping into a career, mark this important time in every grad’s life with a gift that shows family and friends care. Finding the perfect gift Read More

Middle School Students from Scotch Plains, NJ Petition for More School Counselors

Park Middle School 7th graders Anastasia Berk, Anthony Chrisostomides, Elorie Howell and Emma Zhang say “Let’s put school counselors where they are needed!” As part of a Service Learning Project, they are petitioning for the government to take action to reduce the number of high school dropouts in the United States by passing a bill referred Read More

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