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Careers Your Students Might Want to Check Out

We publish several articles in each issue of LINK for Counselors that cover “Careers to Consider”. These are careers you and subsequently your students might not be that familiar with. I came across a podcast recently that is covering something similar. It is called “Gracie Meets” and is hosted here at She also has Read More

High School Career Guidance

It was at the Queen’s Croquet Ground in the story of Alice in Wonderland, that the game begins with Alice using a flamingo tucked under her arm as the mallet, a rolled-up hedgehog as the puck and the Queen’s soldiers bent over, acting as the hoops. The players all start at the same time without Read More

You can’t be what you can’t see

“I fought really hard to get here,” she said with tears filling her eyes. “I’m in my first internship and not only am I the only woman there, but I’m the only person of color. I don’t belong in this field.” I sat across the auditorium, stunned by this statement from a fellow audience member. Read More

Careers to Consider: Become a Teacher

Teaching is a vital and admirable career. As such, it comes with quite a bit of responsibility, both in practice and in preparation. Every state has specific requirements for teachers, and additional qualifications for public school K-12 teachers. The following steps provide a general breakdown of the requirements for teachers: Earn an undergraduate degree: You’ll Read More

Careers to Consider – Cartographer

According to the bureau of labor statistics, the cartographer field is set to grow by 15%, which is much faster than other careers on average. With the increased use of cartographers for maps in government planning, this is a great career your students that have an interest in geography might consider pursuing. put together Read More

Free Career Test Available for your Students

Career Enjoyment has created a free career test that your students might find of interest. A student can complete a quick online questionnaire and they will be matched to the best fit from more than 1000 well paying careers. It takes approximately 10 minutes to complete. The results will be based on matching the users Read More

Recession Proof jobs your students might want to consider

With recession fears mounting, millions of Americans are beginning to wonder if their jobs could weather an economic downturn. PayScale, a provider of salary, benefits and compensation data, recently identified five jobs in five industries it thinks could withstand the inevitable job cuts that come with a recession: 1: Cloud computing: Median Pay $126K Cloud computing Read More

Career Paths in Business

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts more than 600,000 new jobs in business by 2024, opening up opportunities for those with a passion for investments, real estate, marketing and human resources. Because the field of business is so broad, it’s worth exploring the different career paths and specializations available, what types of careers are Read More

The 15 companies that are hiring the most new hires and paying them over $100,000 a year

If your students are looking to target specific companies to work for that are hiring and paying high salaries (over $100,000) a year these are 15 companies that they should target according to the Ladders 1. MicrosoftNumber of open $100,000-plus roles: 1,135Most in-demand role: software developer 2. Cognizant Technology SolutionsNumber of open $100,000-plus roles: 830Most Read More

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