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COVID-19 Announcements from Colleges

We appreciate all that you do for students. Please support the following schools (our advertisers) as they are here to help your students. Below are links that provide information on what they are doing to support students during the COVID-19 crisis, current schedules and any specific updates for their campuses.  Baylor Institute for Air Science Read More

Covid-Era College Prep

Normally, there are many ways for high school students to bolster their resumes and prepare for college application season: playing team sports, being active in school clubs, working in after-school jobs or summer internships, attending college fairs and touring campuses, to name a few. During the current pandemic, however, most of these traditional opportunities have Read More

College Status Update – COVID-19

Many Colleges & Universities have postponed classes due to COVID-19 and a number have even announced that they will be going online only for the remainder of the semester. Your Seniors who are still in the midst of visiting Colleges and determining which College they will attend are definitely feeling a lot of angst. NACAC Read More

College Fly-In Opportunities for Counselors

One of the questions we often get asked is if we know about any fly in opportunities available to Counselors. I recently came across a guide titled “College Fly-In Opportunities for Counselors in Rural Communities” that was put together by NACAC’s Rural & Small Town Special Interest Group. Many institutions will generously fund a trip Read More

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