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It’s Time to Help Juniors Reflect on Their Lives

As one class completes the application process, another one is rearing to go. In fact, this past week, many nervous parents of juniors (and some sophomores!) contacted us. They want to know when their children should start the college essays. How can they help? Is it too early? As you well know, the pressure is Read More

College and Career Resources in Counseling

Below is a great list of Counseling resources with links that should be of interest to you. A Complete Guide to Careers in Counseling Best Online Counseling Degrees and Programs: 2016-2017 National Institute of Mental Health Library Top Counseling Psychology Programs and Guidebook Networking: Become a Member of the American Counseling Read More

3 Underrated Facts about College Admissions

College Admissions is the closest thing modern America has to a rite of passage, but far from being the meritocracy we would like to believe, the selective college admissions process looks more like a beauty contest. Aspiring high school students have to figure out how they have to act and what they have to look Read More

High School Counselor Training

When my high school counselor informed me that I might not be cut out for a four-year college or university, I was not only crushed but also confused. I grew up in a household with two college educated parents, and in what I look back now on as a very “college-going” culture, so why didn’t my Read More

Looking for solutions

Most school counselors understand Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) – or use it without knowing the name or acronym. However, there may be some new ways you can put it to use, even in the college admissions process or handling the student stress that goes along with it. You can understand a lot about SFBT Read More

School Counselor ToolKit is available for Counselors has developed a comprehensive “School Counselor ToolKit” which has some very good information that I think will prove beneficial to Counselors. The content was developed entirely by school counselors looking to help those trying to start or advance their careers in the field. Areas of the School Counselor ToolKit include: Professional Development: Sections include, Read More

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